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Ten Top Reasons Parents Struggle Through The Teenage Years!

12 Aug

10. When teens do wickedly hilarious imitations of adults such as relatives and teachers, you know they’ve got a good one of you that they’re not sharing!

9.  As early as age 13, a cantankerous stranger seems to have possessed the once-adorable child that you knew.

8. Who among them doesn’t love to argue?

7. Teens ask you to take them shopping and then when you do, they make you live to regret it.

6. They judge you and find you sadly lacking.

5. They have cool, code-like language to get under your skin in a variety of situations, such as “OMG”, “Really?”, “Dude”, “Ewwww” or the condescending “Chill!”.

4. Teens tell you in the most convincing way that you told them the opposite of what you are telling them now about something you do or don’t want them to do (and you know their memory is better than yours) (and they count on that!).

3. They look better than you effortlessly, even first thing in the morning.

2. They have their whole lives ahead of them to be anything they want and for you, the options shrink daily!

And why parents struggle with the teenage years reason  number 1: It breaks your heart when life breaks their heart, and you can no longer just kiss it and make it better.