A Psychologist’s Notebook
By Christine Musello, PsyD.
Posted on February 18, 2012
Welcome to a psychologist’s notebook. Here you will find both information and observations derived from weeks,months, years of providing mental health treatment. Like my clients, I’m in search of that state of being that some call “wise mind”. Wise mind is that perfect balance between thinking and feeling, a balance that allows us to know joy and to tolerate suffering. Others simply call it “happiness”.

Psychologists have the privilege of looking in on many, many lives. We are not just stuck with the one that is our own. This is especially true for someone like me, who works with children, teenagers and adults.

In this notebook, I sometimes share my expertise in the science of the mind and at other times consider the questions, uncertainties, joy and humor of human behavior.

–Dr. Christine Musello

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